Metal Bank can offer various size bins which can be placed for materials. Depending on the material one of our trained staff will asses which bin size would best suite the application its intend for.


Metal Bank provides a collection service for materials which require upliftment. Depending on the material that requires collection the correct vehicle necessary will be dispatched in order to suite, this including craned vehicles and super links.


Metal Bank provides a demolition service which comprises of cutting  and removing of structures and redundant plant and equipment.


Metal Bank imports cargo from neighbouring countries, and exports cargo abroad. Due to Metal Bank predominantly being a trading business, all relevant importation and exportation licensing and permits are always up to date.


Metal Bank has the relevant equipment for processing materials. This service is also available to others where by a tolling fee will be charged in order to process their materials. Processing of certain material can be done at the customers sites if required.


Due to the ever changing demand in the market place we offer our expertise and extended contacts to customers whom have target commodities in which they require. These commodities range from raw to primary products.